Title Date Speaker Scripture Download
Women in Leadership          Sunday, September 20, 2015          Leah Doughty                    download     
The Water Crisis in CAR          Sunday, May 31, 2015          Kyle Garberson                    download     
Christianity, Environmentalism, & Creation Car          Sunday, November 16, 2014          Jeff Webb                    download     
Theories on Creation          Sunday, November 09, 2014          Collin Hobbs                    download     
Interpreting Scripture          Sunday, October 26, 2014          Loren Johns                    download     
What Should I do about Ferguson?          Sunday, September 14, 2014          Kevin Miller                    download     
Disagreement and Debate          Sunday, March 02, 2014          Jonathan Krull                    download     
Jon Brenneman - CPT          Sunday, May 12, 2013          Jon Brenneman                    download     
Race and Reconciliation in Huntington          Sunday, November 25, 2012          Chris Lahr                    download     
Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?          Sunday, October 21, 2012          Jake Hess                    download     
Politics and the Upcoming Election          Sunday, October 07, 2012          Dr. Mary Ruthi                    download     
Addictions and the Church          Sunday, April 29, 2012          Katti Sneed                    download     
Art and the Church          Sunday, April 22, 2012          Steve Leeper                    download     
Atonement          Sunday, April 15, 2012          Edwin Tait                    download     
Egypt in the Pre/Post January 25th Revolution          Sunday, March 04, 2012          Safwat Marzouk                    download     
Coupon Class          Wednesday, January 18, 2012                              download     
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict          Thursday, November 10, 2011          Jameel Brenneman                    download     
Cuba Trip          Sunday, July 24, 2011          Andy Vaught, Seth Lochmueller, Stephanie Lochmuell                    download     
The Leadership of the 509 of the Community          Sunday, May 08, 2011          Matt Brown, Allie Brown, Taylor Zeman, Seth Lochmu                    download     
Free Will - Why Christians Should Be Compatiblists          Sunday, April 17, 2011          David Alexander                    download     
Let's Have Choir Practice: Harmony in the Church          Sunday, April 03, 2011          Jesse Brown                    download     
The Israel and Palestinian Conflict          Sunday, March 06, 2011          Dr. Chaney Bergdall                    download     
Joe Reed          Sunday, December 12, 2010          Joe Reed                    download     
The Eucharist          Sunday, October 24, 2010          Dr. Jennifer Woodruff Tait                    download     
Theology of Creation          Sunday, March 07, 2010          Dr. Kent Eilers                    download     
Missions          Tuesday, March 02, 2010          The Kesslers                    download     
Research on the Christian College Experience for G          Tuesday, February 02, 2010          Joel Wentz                    download     
Worship          Sunday, January 31, 2010          Dr. Tom Bergler          Nehemiah          download     
Community          Sunday, November 15, 2009          Professor Kroll                    download     
Open Theism          Sunday, November 08, 2009          William Hasker                    download     
Marriage          Sunday, October 18, 2009          Kyle Brown                    download     
The Church          Sunday, October 11, 2009          Dr. Edwin Woodruff-Tait                    download     
Sanctification          Sunday, October 04, 2009          Dr. Mark Fairchild                    download